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Esbit® Stove and Fuel by MPI Outdoor

# 7913

The perfect complement to the Esbit® fuel system is the POCKET STOVE. This compact (3" x 4" x ¾") , lightweight (3.25 oz.) fold down pocket size stove is an extremely efficient cooking appliance designed for a wide variety of uses in the outdoors. The POCKET STOVE is German engineered from plated tensile structured steel with specially designed air flow slits in the base to provide a stronger and more directed flame from the Esbit® fuel tablets. The POCKET STOVE has supporting side projections that help to improve and centrally focus the heat output by directing the flame upward to envelop the cooking utensil The POCKET STOVE has two locking open stable support positions, the fully open upright sides for a pot or a fry pan, or for better heat concentration on a cup or small coffee pot you can easily lock the sides into the angled position. Either way you will get stability and structured strength to support your utensils. Includes six fuel tablets.

PRICE $9.99

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