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Link Cams by Omega Pacific


Range21.1 - 53.3 mm / 0.83 - 2.1"
Strength14 kN
Weight176 g / 6.2 oz


  • Replaces up to four cams
  • 17-4 Aircraft steel and 7000 alluminum
  • With a constant cam angle of 13.5°, range is achieved without sacrificing holding power.
  • With the increased surface contact between the retracted cam links and the rock, Link Cams tend to "walk" less than other units.
  • The unique range eliminates the need for specialized, "offset cams" for flared-crack protection.
  • The range of Link Cams provides a greater margin of safety for "plug and go" placements.
  • Minimize the time spent fooling with gear - Link Cams are a perfect fit!
  • For Big Wall speed ascents, attach Link Cams to aiders and see how much time you trim!

PRICE $95.50

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