Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook

  • w/o Weed Guard - Six to a pack
  • w/ Weed Guard - Five to a pack
  • 5/0 and 6/0 - Four to a pack
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With the rapidly increasing popularity of Wacky style rigging soft plastic stick style baits, Gamakatsu has designed a hook designed specifically for this type of rigging. The Finesse Wide Gap is a very short shank hook with an extremely wide and round bend designed to accommodate the thicker mid-section of many of the newer stick type soft plastic baits like Gary YamamotoGÇÖs Senko. This style of bait is extremely effective and Wacky rigging seems to be one of the more preferred methods of fishing this bait. The eye of the Finesse Wide Gap hook is turned slightly upward to align the needle point with the direction of the hook set. The design of this hook also makes it good for drop shot fishing with thicker baits that require additional gap, but donGÇÖt need the weight of a larger worm hook. The Finesse Wide Gap comes in a corrosion resistant NS Black finish and in sizes 2 through 1/0. Available with or without a weed guard.
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Terminal Tackle Hooks
Activity Fishing
Type Saltwater
Hook Type Bait Hook
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