Gear Aid Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos™

  • Custom patches for clothes and gear
  • Features unique shapes and patterns
  • Customize and personalize all your favorite items
  • Aggressive and long-lasting adhesive Sticks to almost any surface
  • Leaves no sticky, ugly residue if removed
  • Provides fast, instant repairs to rips, tears or holes in clothing and gear
  • Ideal for use on fabrics, outdoor gear, backpacks, luggage, cell phones, lunch boxes, automobiles, windows and more
  • Includes two 3” x 10” strips with various outdoor themes and shapes
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Add some fun to gear and clothing with Tenacious Tape™ Tattoos™ by Gear Aid™. These custom patches feature fun shapes and cool patterns to make fashionable repairs to clothing and gear.

Unlike stickers, Tenacious Tape Tattoos utilize an ultra-aggressive adhesive that won’t peel or lift. Rain, snow or shine, these stylish custom patches not only fix rips, tears or holes, but they also allow you to personalize your clothing and gear with fun shapes and designs. Add decorative patches for clothes, backpacks, cell phones, luggage, automobiles and more.

Skip the same old boring stickers and repair patches. Instead, add some spunk to your favorite items with Tenacious Tape Tattoos by Gear Aid.

Warning: This product contains chemicals, such as lead and phthalates, known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

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