Spirit River Glassy Eyes

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Approximately 20 Eyes per packet. Only at Spirit River can you get these hand made eyes and they are gorgeous. Each one is handmade and all use a silver lined glass bead in the center for a lifelike sparkle. These are then hand dipped on epoxy snd cured. Base is a heavy mono. These come in 7 color variations and 2 sizes. They are the perfect eye to use on all your saltwater patterns like crabs, shrimp or bonefish flats flies. They are a stiff mono,we burn at the tip, then load on special glass beads and over coat this with a durable epoxy. Each eye has a stem that is roughly 1.75 inches long. Highly recommended for Gotchas, Crazy Charlies, Bonefish Betters, Bone Crusher, Super male shrimp, and CRABS. Now we see them being adapted to many shrimp style steelhead flies and patterns like Intruders. Colors are Amber Gold (bonefish-Crabs) Black (steelhead) Crustacean Pink (bonefish-permit), Olive, Peacock, Quicksilver (my fav) Ruby Red (my second fav) Sizes Small and Large. TRY THESE FOR YOUR CRAY FISH.
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