Stack-On Safe-N-Dry Moisture Elimination Packets

  • Each packet is individually wrapped in a foil pouch to prevent the desiccant from activating
  • Once opened each packet can draw moisture from 5 - 7 cubic feet for about 6 weeks before it will need to be recharged
  • Each packet includes a handy moisture indicator to let you know when it is time to recharge
  • Units can be recharged in a standard, vented oven at 200° F for 3 hours and can be recharged 3 - 4 times before its moisture absorbing properties are lost.
  • 10-Pack Dimensions: 6" W (15.2cm), 1.88" D (4.8cm), 9.38" H (23.8)
  • Master Pack Dimension (qty. 6): 12.13" W, 10.31" D, 6.38" H
  • Shipping Weight: 5.48 lbs. (not including skid weight)
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Safe ‘n Dry Desiccants Pull Moisture from the Air and can be Used Almost Anywhere.
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